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ZF Aftermarket now offers new TRW semi-compound brake disks

  • New TRW brake disk offer in the aftermarket
  • Safer drive across all classes and weight of vehicle
  • Intelligent thermal management for greater stability

ZF Aftermarket uses this year’s Automechanika, Frankfurt as a platform to announce its extended brake disk offer under the product brand TRW. The business now offers a range of high-performance two-piece, or Semi-Compound brake disks, to enhance safety and performance and extend endurance levels in heavier, more powerful vehicles.

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ZF Aftermarket now offers new TRW semi-compound brake disks

This news further strengthens the businesses position as the leading supplier of Corner Module (braking, steering & suspension) parts and systems, and highlights its commitment to offering a safer drive across all classes and weight of vehicle. The initial range of Semi-Compound disks totals 24 part numbers and caters for various BMW models (Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, X5 and X6).

Semi-compound brake disks consist of a corrosion resistant aluminum hub, joined to the grey cast iron friction ring by special steel pins. This construction allows the heat generated when braking to spread freely, preventing the disk from distorting due to thermal stress. The use of aluminum also makes the part lighter. This reduces the unsprung mass which decreases fuel consumption and makes the vehicle smoother to drive and easier to handle.

Richard Adgey, Head of Product Management IAM/Services, explained: “As a global leader in automotive braking, we strive for the perfect solution for every class and weight of vehicle. As vehicles become ever faster and more powerful - as well as heavier due to the increasing number of additional mechanisms to aid safety and comfort - the braking system is subjected to greater and more exacting demands.”

With the consequences of brake disks overheating ranging from reduced performance through to total failure, it is obvious that intelligent thermal management is playing a key role in brake disk development. "We utilise a multitude of methods to dissipate heat in a deliberate and controlled way. This is vital to prevent the heat being transferred to other components or the brake fluid,” Adgey continued.

He concluded: “We design and develop a wide range of OE technologies for the majority of vehicle manufacturers including braking systems, we understand how each component within a system can affect the others, and therefore appreciate that for maximum benefit and performance, all parts have to be developed to work in harmony.”


Jeannine Rapp

Fabiola Wagner

Head of ZF Services Communications

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