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ZF Aftermarket Provides Complete Oil Change Package

  • ZF Aftermarket supplies workshops with the right oil for PC automatic transmissions
  • Modular oil change kits for quick and easy servicing
  • Expert tips for oil change to optimize benefits

ZF Aftermarkets’ modular oil change kits work with over 600 types of vehicles that have a ZF 5-speed, 6-speed and 8-speed automatic transmission. This way workshops have a tailor-made package including all the necessary parts for the transmission oil change from a single source: Workshops no longer have to find and order individual parts. ZF also shares helpful servicing tips for the professional use of its oil change kits: Refreshing the right transmission oil, in the right way at recommended oil change intervals is essential to avoid component damage and preserve the shift quality and functionality of the transmission. ZF Aftermarket also provides a video “ZF Workshop Hangout” to give deep insights on the processes.

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ZF Aftermarket Provides Complete Oil Change Package

All ZF transmissions are filled with the semi-synthetic or fully synthetic premium grade oil ZF-LifeguardFluid to ensure the best possible quality: it can age prematurely e.g. in case of excessive loads – such as from frequent use of trailers or sporty driving. Workshops should therefore recommend an oil change after 100.000 kilometers for a longer transmission life. With oil change kits from ZF Aftermarket workshops receive all the items it needs to perform a professional oil change quickly, efficiently and easily and becomes a professional and forward-thinking service provider for customers.

Saving time and money

ZF Aftermarket’ modular oil change kits include the filter, the seals and screws, magnets and oil pans necessary to perform an oil change on passenger cars with 5-speed and 6-speed automatic transmissions. The after sales Business Unit of ZF Group has expanded its comprehensive oil change offering with kits available for 8-speed automatic transmissions. In order to ensure highest flexibility for the workshops, all kits are available with or without 7 liters of the suitable ZF-LifeguardFluid oil. The ZF-LifeguardFluid 9 is also available separately in a 1 liter format. Furthermore, ZF-LifeguardFluid 5, 6 and 8 are available separately in 20 liter canisters, which support the workshops with a need for larger quantities.

Expert Tips to Achieve an Efficient Oil Change

ZF Aftermarket supports its partners with both quality and innovative products as well as with comprehensive service – such as technical information and training. When it comes to delivering a competent and professional transmission oil change, ZF Aftermarket recommends workshops to always adhere strictly to the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer and in addition, strongly recommends following these expert tips:

  • Never run the engine or tow the vehicle without oil in the transmission. Ensure that the engine has cooled and is in neutral before undertaking any repair work on the vehicle.
  • Changing the oil pan requires precision: When removing the old pan, first loosen all the screws in the order specified to avoid distortion. This also applies in reverse when screwing on the new pan with its seal. Here you also must pay attention to the correct tightening torque.
  • Clean any oil residues before refilling the oil. Using only the ZF-LifeguardFluid matching the particular transmission – and without additives, as these change the chemical composition of the oil: A non-compatible oil can damage the components and the transmission.
  • The transmission oil level must exactly match the filling specification laid out. If it is too low, the transmission will be damaged. If the oil level is too high, the excess oil will leak from the transmission through the overflow when heated and may combust if it makes contact with hot parts, such as the exhaust system.

ZF Workshop Hangout

In order to further support workshops with valuable tips, ZF Aftermarket has created a ZF Workshop Hangout including practical advice for performing a professional oil change using a ZF Aftermarket oil change kit. This and further Hangouts with expert tips are available to watch on YouTube.


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