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New Addition to Product Portfolio: Sachs Torque Converters

  • ZF adds range of torque converters for automatic passenger car transmissions
  • 55 new products under the Sachs brand
  • Superior components for reduced noise and lower fuel

ZF Aftermarket is expanding its diverse Aftermarket product portfolio with its well-established brand, Sachs, to include 55 references in its range of new generation torque converters for automatic transmissions in passenger cars. Featuring ZF’s superior OE component quality, high hydrodynamic performance density and OEM specific lock-up clutches, ZF’s new range can also be equipped with a twin-torsional damper (TwinTD) to enhance fuel efficiency, deliver smooth shifting and improved driving comfort. With increasing global demand for automatic passenger cars, the new generation of torque converters from ZF represents the ideal Aftermarket solution for modern automatic transmissions.

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New Addition to Product Portfolio: Sachs Torque Converters

ZF’s hydrodynamic torque converters under the Sachs brand feature superior driveline components, adapted to the individual powertrain. The torque converter clutch system comprises a lock-up clutch and torsional dampers that work together to eliminate wear when the vehicle starts up, enhance the power transmission and also reduce energy losses and noise, all while improving driving dynamic: In all, ZF quality achieves an efficient and peaceful powertrain that takes the stress out of hill-starts, business commutes and unexpected tailbacks.

Less noise and better fuel efficiency

Today’s engines comprise smaller displacements and generate high levels of torque at low rpm levels; a combination of characteristics that lead to an increase in torsional vibrations. , ZF’s torque converter can be equipped with the new twin-torsional damper ‘TwinTD’. The advanced damper system minimizes the torsional vibrations to such an extent that earlier shift points are now possible. The result: improved driving comfort especially at low engine speeds, and thereby significantly reduced fuel consumption.

Efficient and modular design meets customer needs

The efficiency of the torque converter extends to its compact size, demanding less installation space, despite its high performance. Also, the effective cooling capability of its lock-up clutch optimizes heat dissipation and ensures lower wear. Furthermore, the lock-up clutches feature an intelligent modular design: A selection from 2, 4 or 6 possible friction surfaces with varying hydraulic circuit diameters enables individual tuning so they can be adapted to meet individual powertrain designs.

ZF for quality service solutions

As with all ZF products and services, ZF Aftermarket offers comprehensive workshop solutions featuring its expansive portfolio of products. As an integral and vital part of an automatic transmission, ZF’s torque converters deliver optimal performance with maintenance at the recommended service intervals. ZF recommends renewing the transmission fluid after 100 000 kilometers to prevent premature wear of the automatic transmission and its components.


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