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ZF-ADM 2 – Always the perfect traction

  • ZF has taken the next evolution step and developed ADM 2 to deliver state of the art technology and off the shelf automotive hardware, customized for heavy wheeled vehicles
  • The ZF electronic control unit EST 75 including the newly designed, modular software enables ZF to apply the ADM function easily in every wheeled military vehicle with dog clutch differentials

An ideal, optional complement to the ZF transfer cases and axle components is the ZF-ADM – Automatic Drive-Train Management. ZF-ADM is an electronic system, which controls automatically all axle and transfer case differential lock shifting functions and excludes incorrect handling.

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ZF-ADM 2 – Always the perfect traction

The central components of the system are ZF-ADM dog clutches, assembled in axles and in the ZF Transfer Case. Actuated by the new ADM electronic control unit, the specific dog clutches in the differentials allows shifting on the fly. The speeds of all wheels are measured and compared with each other by using the signals of the installed speed sensors. When slip is detected on one of the wheels, the control unit automatically activates the differential locks within 100 milliseconds. Furthermore, the locks remain active only as long as there is missing traction on one or more wheels. As soon as the differential locks are not needed anymore, they open automatically by spring force. Thus, both mechanical damage to the driveline and incorrect operation by inexperienced drivers are prevented. With ADM, the driver does not have to pay permanent attention to ground conditions anymore and does not have to stop in order to manually engage the differential locks. This is done fully automatically on the fly, which results in a safer and faster drive. ZF-ADM contributes notably to increase safety – both on the road and in difficult terrain.

ADM 2 has been developed to meet the increasing requirements regarding driving safety, operator convenience, and economy. With the new control unit EST 75, ZF set the course for long-term supplies and worldwide service readiness. Secondary, the new plastic housing sets standards in terms of weight and space reduction.


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Head of Marketing and Business Development

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