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ZF puts coASSIST Level2+ automated driving system on the road with Dongfeng Motor

  • First launch of the industry’s most affordable L2+ system
  • Delivers advanced safety and semi-automated functions
  • ZF is the full system designer and integrator

Farmington Hills, Michigan – ZF has launched its coASSIST Level2+ semi-automated driving system on the 2020 Dongfeng Aeolus Yixuan which was launched late in 2020. This marks the first launch globally of coASSIST which delivers advanced safety and convenience functions – and is the most affordable Level2+ system in the industry.

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ZF puts coASSIST Level2+ automated driving system on the road with Dongfeng Motor

The coASSIST system offers drivers significant comfort and safety benefits at a highly affordable cost – while meeting projected Euro NCAP 2025 test protocols and delivering popular Level2+ functions. Following the initial start of production, in future the system will also introduce ZF’s first launch of its Gen21 Mid-Range Radar.

ZF’s is the full system integrator of coASSIST which was developed in conjunction with partner Mobileye and includes Mobileye's EyeQ™ camera technology. It also utilizes Hella short range radars. By combining this advanced camera and radar sensor suite with a central control unit, functions such as adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, lane change assist, lane keeping assist, highway driving assist and traffic jam support are enabled.

“The launch of coASSIST with Dongfeng Motor marks an important milestone in bringing the advantages of Level2+ systems to affordable passenger vehicles. At ZF we believe that Level2+ systems that meet advanced safety test protocols and help relieve the stress on the driving task will be the primary driver for light vehicles in the near future and it is exciting to see these systems on world roadways,” said Christophe Marnat, executive vice president for the ZF Electronics and Advanced Driver Assist Systems division.

Making these systems affordable is important as it enables more market penetration and brings the system advantages to consumers more rapidly. This will also help them to acclimate to semi-automated functions as the driver is always in the loop while offering advanced safety and convenience functions.

ZF offers a full range of L2+ systems including:

  • ZF coASSIST - the cost-effective Level 2+ solution that helps meet Euro NCAP performance requirements while delivering the most popular Level 2+ ADAS functions utilizing Mobileye, an Intel Company, EyeQ ™ technology,
  • ZF coDRIVE - extends the functionality of traffic jam and highway driving support. 360° surround camera perception and the processing capability of Mobileye’s EyeQ technology enable automated lane changes and automatic overtaking.
  • ZF coPILOT is designed for advanced computing power and processing scalability from Level 2+ up to Level 4. It offers functions like feet-free and hands-free operation, automated lane change and overtaking, automated garage parking and route learning and utilizes ZF’s ProAI controller.

“This full suite of offerings is the most comprehensive in the industry and allows customers to choose the right level of functionality to assist in driving scenarios such as highway driving, traffic jams in urban or highway situations, driver initiated to automatic lane changes and automated parking assistance. Following the initial launch of coASSIST with Dongfeng, ZF higher level autonomous driving functions will be provided and applied to the Dongfeng Aeolus Yixuan MAX, the flagship model of the Dongfeng Aeolus Yixuan family in the following 1-3 years,” said Marnat.


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