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Safe and Precise: Oil and Gas Production with ZF-AS Tronic and ZF-TC Tronic HD

  • Automated transmissions by ZF are ideal for the application in pump systems
  • Better profitability, less risk, customized service

ZF's automated transmission systems AS Tronic and TC Tronic HD usually keeps heavy trucks, coaches or crane trucks in an economical speed range. However, the benefits of the transmission systems can also be useful in offroad applications. Now, they can also be applied in pump systems used for oil and gas production. This allows for a precise control of delivery pressure and intake volume which considerably reduces the operational risk.

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Safe and Precise: Oil and Gas Production with ZF-AS Tronic and ZF-TC Tronic HD

The pump systems used for crude oil and gas production have to provide a particularly constant pumping capacity. Unintended speed fluctuations can destabilize intake volume and delivery pressure which can imperil the drill hole. The consequences are not only cost-intensive but can also have a major impact. In the worst case scenario, not only the drilling performance would be affected but the entire well would be lost. The AS Tronic and TC Tronic HD, ZF's automated transmission systems help reduce this risk considerably.

Tried and tested application in commercial and special vehicles

Since its market introduction in 1996, the AS Tronic has become a benchmark among automatic transmissions for trucks and buses and numerous other special driveline technology applications. For manufacturers the transmission range is the first choice for automatic shifting in commercial vehicles. The AS Tronic and TC Tronic HD transmissions, which are optionally available with 12 or 16 gears, cover a maximum input torque range up to 3,000 Nm. This makes them ideally suitable for the use in pump systems for oil and gas production. The wide gear spacing makes the precise control of delivery pressure and intake volume possible. This guarantees that coolant is pumped evenly through the casing tube, while excavated material is unearthed at the drilling site and the drilling hole is stabilized with concrete.

Easy handling, high safety level

The ZF-AS Tronic / TC Tronic HD transmission system stands out because it is particularly user-friendly and easy to operate. By means of a well-arranged control element, gears can also be selected manually whenever requested. In turn, the transmission control unit handles shifting duties. Thus, faulty operations are excluded. Furthermore, using the AS Tronic and TC Tronic HD provides additional safety for the production system: Remote operation, an important safety aspect for oil and gas production, is easily possible with the AS Tronic and TC Tronic HD.

Uncomplicated installation into existing system

Due to its compact and light design, the AS Tronic and TC Tronic HD smoothly fit into the classic pump design. All transmission components are arranged in one housing, the control unit is directly attached to the transmission. Thus, the transmissions are well protected against external influences and are ready for operation also under the most difficult climatic conditions. Due to the integrated dry clutch, the heat generation of the AS Tronic is considerably lower than in conventional automatic transmissions featuring a torque converter. Not least for this reason, the AS Tronic is perfectly suitable for a use in wells.

Low maintenance costs, individual service

Upon customer request, the AS Tronic and TC Tronic HD can be adjusted according to the respective application. If certain gears are not needed, they can be blocked in the software, so that they cannot be selected anymore. Maintenance does not require a stop of the oil production system, because the transmission can be inspected during operation. That way, maintenance costs can be significantly reduced. As ZF attaches great importance to long-term customer satisfaction, service is customized to meet individual customer requirements. A total of 700 service stations make ZF services available worldwide.


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