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ZF Highspeed: High-Performance, Flexible Transmission for High-Speed Trains

  • One housing can accommodate different wheelbases and gear ratios
  • Top speeds of 250 to 600 km/h possible
  • Optimized oil supply and designed for low-noise levels

High velocity, flexibility, reliability, comfort, cost-effectiveness and economy, and safety - these are the essential characteristics of the new ZF high-speed transmissions for high-speed trains. A train equipped with the powerful single-stage transmission, whose testing has been completed and that is already successfully used, can drive up to 380 kilometers per hour. The modular assembly principle not only simplifies installation but also enables transmission designs that allow for speeds of up to 600 kilometers per hour.

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ZF Highspeed: High-Performance, Flexible Transmission for High-Speed Trains

Average train speeds are rising all the time and with them, the demands placed on modern train transmissions with respect to safety, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. When speeds exceed 250 kilometers per hour, the materials are subjected to extreme strain. ZF Highspeed, a new high-speed transmission, is especially designed for this application. What is more, this newly developed unit is already designed for the train generations of the future, thanks to its modular assembly principle which can be flexibly adapted to customer requirements.

One housing for many transmission variants

The advantage of this approach is that rail operators can cover the different wheelbases and gear ratios in their fleets with a single transmission type, because all transmission variants for top speeds of 250 to 600 km/h have the same housing. This modular principle also enables the transmission to be quickly adapted to special customer applications and prototypes can rapidly be made available for use.

Tough and economical

In developing this new transmission, high priorities were placed on comfort and cost-effectiveness. Precision gear technology ensures especially quiet operations, even at very high speeds. Modern production technology increases the strength of the individual components, so that despite high loads, the prescribed maintenance cycles need not be interrupted.


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