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New at Openmatics: Services for Individual Connectivity Solutions

  • ZF connectivity platform Openmatics from ZF Services successfully established on the telematics market for several years
  • Additional engineering services enable adaptation to individual tasks
  • New "Roadcaster" infotainment system creates future-proof multimedia opportunities for bus passengers

Openmatics is the connectivity specialist of ZF Services. Since its foundation in 2010, the company positioned itself as provider of manufacturer-independent telematics solutions for the mobility industry. The huge benefit of the Openmatics system components is quite obvious: They encompass a connectivity unit in the vehicle that retrieves the data and transmits them wirelessly, a web portal in which authorized users can access and analyze the data from anywhere in the world, as well as an app concept with which also independent third-party software specialists offer attractive solutions on the Openmatics platform. Now, Openmatics extends its portfolio even further and also offers engineering services.

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New at Openmatics: Services for Individual Connectivity Solutions

"Our new engineering services are aimed at all application ranges in which Openmatics components must be adapted or individualized in a targeted way," says Thomas Rösch, Head of Openmatics s.r.o. which is headquartered in Pilsen (Czech Republic). "Our target is to stress the benefit of Openmatics as connectivity platform even more with this additional offer – within the mobility sector but also beyond," says Mr. Rösch.

New: engineering services

In different projects, Openmatics assumes the role of a development partner. Openmatics has, for instance, co-developed a monitoring system with PRIMOVE technology by Bombardier Transportation. Purpose of this project was to wirelessly charge the batteries of electrically driven means of transport like trolley cars or certain buses in the fastest possible way. "Our connectivity units installed in the vehicles and connected to the charging station's electronics are equipped with standard as well as customized applications. Thus, they continuously inform the operator about the system state", explains Mr. Rösch. Special advantage: Up to four CAN bus systems must be monitored for a quick and intensive control. Apart from the Openmatics connectivity unit, no other system installed in the vehicle does provide that many connections.

Openmatics also developed many apps for its own platform – from different event and data loggers to diagnosis tools that record and monitor the control units and systems in the vehicle. For Openmatics' general manager Thomas Rösch, the connectivity platform's application potentials also go beyond the mobility sector: "Basically, wherever remote monitoring of machine data is required, Openmatics can be used," says Mr. Rösch.

Advanced infotainment for passengers

In parallel to that, Openmatics continues to focus on systems making driving bus as comfortable, varied, and entertaining for passengers as possible. A perfect example is the solution called “Roadcaster,” which comes with both software and a new on-board hardware component. It allows passengers to stream movies and TV shows via WIFI on their own mobile devices. Thus, bus operators can avoid the installation of expensive screens, while simultaneously offering their guests an individually selectable entertainment program during their journey. Separate functions can be upgraded to include add-on apps such as “Vote the Bus.” This add-on app can be used to create, conduct, and analyze current surveys quickly and easily, so that operators can check passenger satisfaction, the attractiveness of the city center, or events, for example.


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