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ZF Services: Expert Support and Global Spare Parts Supply for Construction Machinery

  • Efficient global service network cuts downtimes
  • Service support over the total product life cycle
  • Remanufacturing saves money and resources

Costly construction machinery only pays off if it is in constant use. Unplanned downtimes due to lengthy repairs and maintenance cost money. Wherever customers are in the world, ZF Services provides expert support. Its global service and logistics network ensures fast and efficient spare parts supply.

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ZF Services: Expert Support and Global Spare Parts Supply for Construction Machinery

The construction industry remains at a solid level. Over the past five years, sales in North America jumped by more than 50 percent. In China, the largest construction machinery market, sales have increased by 30 percent since 2010. The expanded market also means extra requirements, including significantly higher machine workloads because machines operate more and more often in rental fleets. Furthermore, in today's global market, construction machinery must perform under all climate conditions: in Arctic temperatures as well as tropical heat and humidity.

Global presence – geared to construction machinery

The tough stresses on the machinery make repair and maintenance work unavoidable. To keep downtimes and therefore costs to a minimum, regular and competent service by trained personnel is just as important as seamless spare parts supply – even to remote construction sites. Dedicated to meeting these requirements, ZF Services has geared its portfolio specifically to the off-highway sector and the requirements of original equipment manufacturers, the markets, and customers. That means ZF Services supports construction machinery operators with all its expertise over the complete product life cycle.

The company is represented worldwide with its own locations as well as partner companies – including 19 service centers, ten own locations, and nine authorized service partners in Germany alone. With its spare parts logistics service, ZF Services is represented in 145 countries, supplying approx. 100,000 different parts.

Broad service range

The aftermarket specialist has an extremely varied service portfolio and operates on the principle of a "everything from a single source". The range covers everything from product support through spare parts supply up to diagnosis and repair training. Also included are regional service concepts as well as on-site field inspections, an electronic spare parts catalog, a service desk and hotline, maintenance instructions, and repair instructions. Remanufacturing is a particular highlight as it’s the industrial remanufacturing of components.

Three service levels – always the right support

The company provides extensive support for the operational setup of new service locations. Here, the global ZF Services concept distinguishes between three levels according to product complexity and performance capacity. For instance, Level 1 only covers replacement of units, while Level 2 support centers also repair pre-assembled components, and Level 3 workshops repair complete units as well as replacing individual parts.

There are regional competence centers that offer Level 3 services in all significant markets. Additionally, ZF Services off-highway specialists are represented with local competence centers (Level 1 and Level 2) in 42 countries.

Remanufacturing – sustainability at low cost

Industrially reconditioned exchange units – known as remanufacturing – contribute significantly to environmental protection, save money, and because of their quick availability reduce downtimes. ZF Services has been committed to remanufacturing for decades, and the company offers a wide range of industrially remanufactured exchange units for construction machinery. They range from clutches to transmissions. Compared to the manufacture of a new product, remanufacturing of a used unit takes between 50 and 90 percent less material – while energy consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 90 percent. Remanufacturing restores products to "as-new" condition regarding function, reliability, and service life.

At the bauma trade show from April 11 to 17, 2016 in Munich, construction machinery fleet owners can gain an impression of the driveline and chassis technology leader as a reliable partner over the entire product life cycle – wherever the machines are in use. The Business Unit ZF Services then combines these powerful, top-quality products with excellent services to provide a convincing offer in the aftermarket.


Jeannine Rapp

Fabiola Wagner

Head of ZF Services Communications

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