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Engine-Dependent PTOs for Automatic and Manual Transmissions

  • High useful torque is attractive for mobile cranes, concrete pumps, fire-fighting, and special vehicles

The engine-dependent PTO named ZF PowerDivide is installed as a sandwich between the vehicle engine and transmission.
With this modular system, ZF replaces and extends the proven engine-dependent PTOs which have so far only been available for the commercial vehicle manual transmissions Ecosplit and Ecomid. This modular design allows to combine the ZF PowerDivide also with the automatic and fuel-saving transmission systems AS Tronic and AS Tronic mid.
Engine-dependent PTOs are particularly attractive for applications which require high torques for their auxiliary power units, such as concrete pumps, mobile cranes, airport crash tenders, or drilling and winch drives.

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Engine-Dependent PTOs for Automatic and Manual Transmissions

The new ZF PowerDivide is generously dimensioned with an output of 316 kW and a maximum torque of 2 000 Nm. It is available for different installation positions and with two different ratios. Moreover, it has a cooling circuit of its own. Independent of the drive clutch being closed or open, the ZF PowerDivide has a constant engine output but can still be decoupled with powershifting being possible. For the first time it is also possible to combine the automatic and fuel-saving transmission systems of the AS Tronic model range with an engine-dependent PTO. An SAE interface enables the PTO to be mounted to all common commercial vehicle diesel engines.

Many special vehicles depend on transmissions which can be combined with such an engine-end PTO, for example concrete pumps, sewer cleaning vehicles, airport crash tenders, and mobile cranes. All of these applications require a rather high output for operating their pumps. With cranes, for example, there is a linear correlation between torque, hoisting capacity, and setup times. With the new engine-dependent PTO, previous setup times are reduced by half – a significant contribution to increased cost-effectiveness in operation.

Another advantage of ZF PowerDivide is the fact that it is designed for longer operating times. This is also ensured by a separate oil and cooling circuit. A powerful torsional vibration damper, which balances the shocks caused by the irregular rotation of the crankshaft at the engine output, is also important.


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