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ZF in Compactors

  • Heat and noise reduction
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Compact performance
  • Highest efficiency in the workday routine

Compactors are found in road building and on large construction sites. For the best compacting results the maximum transfer of power of the substrate is just as important as a stepless change of the driving speed. For use on uneven terrain optimum weight distribution is also essential for increasing the tractive effort.

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ZF in Compactors

Compact performance! The foundation for the development of roller axles is many years of experience and components well proven in large-scale production. The consistent modular design and the defined interfaces for the direct mounting of hydraulic motors and the possible fitting of a transfer box (currently only available on the MT-C3035) ensure versatility in relation to installation options. Optimum system solutions, such as the internal spring-loaded brakes which are released by the operating pressure of the vehicle hydraulic system, simplify installation and produce additional customer benefits. (fig 13)

MT-C 3000 Series

With the MT-C 3000 rigid axles ZF is offering optimum solutions for application in compactors. Continually growing challenges on construction sites demand axles of the highest load rating. Impressive key data supply proof of the absolute performance capability of ZF axles. With an output torque of 46,200 Nm and a brake torque of up to 52,000 Nm the enormous ruggedness of the MT-C 3000 axle series becomes apparent at the first glance. The axles are intended for vehicles with a total weight of up to 25 tons (MT-C 3075 II).
In addition, ZF axles open up further advantages for the manufacturer:

  • More flexible installation for various sizes of hydraulic motor
  • Ground spur gear design optimized for efficiency, noise level and lifetime
  • Ground bevel gear set with optimum wear pattern
  • Optimized pitting resistance for long service life

It is not just the manufacturers who benefit from the continuous improvements in ZF axle technology, but also the end user. This is because the efficiency has again been increased by the continual improvement in ZF products. For example, it has been possible to reduce the heat generated and also the noise level. In addition, the efficiency has also been increased through reduced power losses and low fuel consumption. This reduces the operating costs, but most of all, substantially increases the operational hours in the workday routine.


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