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Electrical wheel drives from ZF

  • Electrical single-wheel drive with three-phase asynchronous motor
  • Compact high-integration motor design
  • Fluid cooling
  • Improved traction, increased driving safety, ground conservation

With the electrically driven wheel hub units ZF engineers have developed an innovative driveline solution for Off-Highway applications which is suitable for professional applications with the highest requirements.

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Electrical wheel drives from ZF

Due to the sharing of the drive power between the vehicle and trailer or attachment there are substantial advantages in difficult driving situations, e.g. with movement across a slope. The highly dynamically controlled traction support from the electrical drive facilitates working under arduous conditions. Consequently, working off-road during adverse weather conditions with softened ground is possible.

Through the reduced tractive power requirement on the machine, constant or increased load demands from the trailer or attachment can be fulfilled with a smaller vehicle model. The weight saved on the towing vehicle can be used, for example, for additional trailer loading.

The electrical drive is provided by a fluid-cooled three-phase asynchronous motor with a high power density and a following transmission stage. The motor is integrated in the wheel hub unit to save space. The system can also be optionally fitted with a wheel brake. The rated voltage is 400 V. The motor power and drive torque are sufficient for most requirements in Off-Highway applications. (fig. 5)

Due to this new development, the extensive product range from ZF in the field of transmissions and axles for Off-Highway machinery systems has been extended with another innovative drive solution.


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