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ZF is hybrid-ready

  • Highly efficient future technology already here
  • Evolutionary step towards emission-free drive concepts
  • Possibility to combine with various ZF aggregates

The ZF Efficiency Package is setting benchmarks with up to 20% fuel savings and up to 40% productivity increase. The ZF hybrid module on the basis of well-proven series products is the logical evolutionary next step towards an electric drive and is keeping pace with the trend towards more environmental protection and preservation of resources.

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ZF is hybrid-ready

ZF offers hybrid technology comprising electric machines and complete hybrid systems all from one source. The ZF-hybrid system is suitable for all ZF transmission forms and can be implemented for direct and separate transmission mounting. ZF hybrid stands for a considerable reduction of consumption, an increase of work output and a significant reduction of exhaust emissions. Thanks to this innovation, operating costs of the vehicle owner have been significantly reduced.

The advantages of the ZF hybrid system involve:

  • Reduction of fuel consumption by start/stop function
  • Recuperation of braking energy
  • Shifting of engine operation point
  • Relief of the burner for the particulate filter through a stabilization of the engine
  • Electrified auxiliaries
  • Reduction of exhaust emissions thanks to a stabilization of the engine and shifting of the engine operation point
  • Possibility for engine downsizing
  • Increase in work output through performance boost
  • Reduction of operating costs through reduced consumption and simplified exhaust after-treatment systems

The ZF hybrid system works as a parallel hybrid with an efficient electric machine, providing up to 85 or 120 kW performance, depending on the size. It is possible to integrate the electric machine into the transmission. The complete hybrid system comprises power electronics for the electric machine and a lithium ion battery as well as a hybrid control unit. Thanks to an optimized energy and hybrid drive management, the interaction between an electric machine and a combustion engine is matched to avoid driving situations with poor efficiency and increased emissions. Off-Highway machinery - ranging from wheel loaders over diesel lift trucks to excavators - can be equipped with the future-oriented and environmentally-friendly ZF technology. (fig. 4)


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