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SACHS high-performance coil over dampers

  • SACHS Performance coil over dampers featuring racing technology
  • Perfect sports handling on the road

SCHWEINFURT – The SACHS Performance coil over dampers further enhance high-performance automobiles, and provide sports-minded drivers with unique set-up possibilities. The technology for the coil over dampers originates directly from motorsport.

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SACHS high-performance coil over dampers

Dynamic, sporty and comfortable – these apparent contradictions are rendered obsolete by SACHS Performance coil over dampers thanks to ingenious technology. The damper’s principle of operation is derived from diverse motorsport based applications.

The mono-tube struts follow the upside down principle, which ensures greater stiffness and a reduction in unsprung mass. High lateral forces are handled effortlessly by the components, their response is exceptionally precise thanks to the complex design and high-performance oil inside the damper. The meticulous set-up work implemented on test and race tracks facilitates optimum sports handling combined with exceptional comfort.

The SACHS Performance dampers permit the vehicle ride-height and damping characteristics to be changed. The valve system allows flexible damping characteristics, the damping force adjustment is made via a bypass on the piston. Leading tuners, the ZF service partner at the Nürburgring and the engineers from ZF Race Engineering GmbH have tested and set-up the suspension components. The suspension components are infinitely adjustable within the constraints of a TÜV approved range, and the vehicle ride-height can be adjusted to suit personal requirements.

In contrast to the standard model, ride-height reductions of between 20 and 50 millimetres are possible, front and rear axles can be adjusted separately. All components used to adjust the ride-height feature high-quality surface treatment to guarantee improved corrosion protection. Thanks to trapezoidal threads, ride-height adjustments can be made effortlessly after years of use. The products from Schweinfurt stand out thanks to these high quality standards.

The damper’s bump and rebound characteristics can be adjusted in 20 steps. A big advantage for customers: the adjustment is user friendly because the bump and rebound is adjusted simultaneously by a click. This reduces the complexity of the set-up compared to other solutions available on the market. The SACHS Performance coil over can be adjusted easily and rapidly when installed. Precision ratchet adjustment and the broad adjustment range simplify the work, tools are not required to make these adjustments.

Be it a sporty production model or tuned automobile: the ready-to-fit complete dampers from ZF Race Engineering GmbH are tailored completely to suit the user, have a partial certificate of conformity and are available for a great number of models produced by renowned automobile manufacturers.


Moritz Nöding

Head of Motorsports Communications and Sponsoring

+49 9721 98 2141