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New ZF Services Catalog "Sachs Clutches and Clutch Actuation Systems for Passenger Cars"

  • Spare parts portfolio of Sachs clutch components increased by 13 percent
  • A total of over 3,200 references
  • Components for more than 95 percent of cars registered in Germany

The recently published ZF Services catalog "Sachs clutches and clutch actuation systems for passenger cars" includes 3,300 references, of which around 500 have been newly added. Thanks to its well-structured design with color coding inside, the catalog is very user-friendly, allowing for easy identification of the desired components. The catalog is available as a PDF download as well as in the online "WebCat" catalog. Alternatively, workshops can obtain the catalog from their wholesale dealers.

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New ZF Services Catalog

Hill starts, endless tailbacks, and winding roads – every day, your clutch feels the strain. Therefore, clutches are counted among the car components that are subject to high mechanical loads. They must precisely execute hundreds of thousands of shift commands over the span of the vehicle's life, providing reliable and exact responses. Under the well-established Sachs product brand, ZF Services offers the suitable product for all standard passenger car models in OEM quality.

The catalog is available as an international version – with the main part written in German and English – and can be obtained in printed form or online. Translations into 17 other languages can be found in the introduction. Moreover, the color coding in the interior part allows for targeted component search by manufacturer and vehicle type. Workshops and wholesale partners also benefit from valuable additional information, e.g. about the production period of the respective vehicle or specific product cues.

The new ZF Services catalog "Sachs clutches and clutch actuation systems for passenger cars" is available as a download in PDF format at . The latest version of all spare parts is always presented in the “WebCat” online catalog. Workshops can obtain the print version via their wholesale contacts.


Fabiola Wagner

Head of ZF Services Communications

+49 9721 4756-110