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New training platform and more online training courses expand the qualification offering at ZF

  • Online training is en vogue: ZF Aftermarket has delivered more than 50 sessions in 2020
  • Thanks to a new training portal, participation is now even more convenient
  • The online training offer will soon be supplemented by further topics from the driveline and chassis sector

Digital education formats offer many advantages - and not only during a pandemic. This is why ZF Aftermarket is significantly expanding its online offering once again. ZF's Aftermarket Division has introduced a new training platform, where participants can register much more conveniently than before. And the range of content will be significantly expanded in the coming weeks - with topics from chassis technology and the dual-mass flywheel.

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New training platform and more online training courses expand the qualification offering at ZF

Due to corona-related contact restrictions this year, many face-to-face training sessions had to be cancelled. Video conferences and online training was often the only way to communicate with customers and partners safely, but still face-to-face. ZF Aftermarket is committed to sustainable customer loyalty and has maintained that commitment this year by delivering more than 50 online training courses.

In addition to infection prevention, the other advantages of digital education formats have also gained attention: Participants not only save on travel and thus reduce costs and absence times for their companies, but they also have more flexibility in terms of scheduling because many events are recorded and can be accessed "on demand".

ZF Aftermarket expects that the popularity of on-screen training will tend to increase in the future - at least for teaching basic theoretical knowledge as well as for product demonstrations and repair tips. For this reason, a new training platform is now being introduced on which all training courses are clearly presented and can be booked easily.

The most important innovation is that participants no longer need to have a log-in for the ZF Aftermarket portal. Registration is quick and easy directly on the training portal. Participation in the online training courses is free of charge. Registration on the ZF Aftermarket portal is only required for additional functions such as creating a certificate or viewing the recording. However, on-demand access to the video recordings of the training courses is only available to partners of the workshop concept ZF pro [Tech].

Training portfolio is continuously being expanded

Participants are able to further educate themselves on the training portal, especially in the field of driveline technology. Training courses on the following topics are available:

  • Dual mass flywheel: error diagnosis and replacement
  • Chassis technology: shock absorbers and what to consider during installation
  • DSG: Calibration of the dry clutch

ZF Aftermarket wants to expand the training courses offer rapidly. Further information on new topics, booking dates and the contents of the individual training courses can be found on the following page:


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