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ZF Unveils Advanced Predictive Fuel Management Solution TX-FUELBOT for Commercial Vehicle Fleets

  • Highly innovative real-time Big Data & Analytics-based tool which offers fleets an advanced predictive fuel management solution for vehicles in the field.
  • Brings the European long-haul transport sector one step closer to advanced energy management capabilities with smarter refueling.
  • Enabling fleets to optimize their refueling strategies, TX-FUELBOT, available under the Transics brand, generates direct fuel cost savings opportunities of up to 9% annually, contributing to the company’s promise to make road transportation radically leaner, greener and safer.

Brussels, Belgium. ZF has introduced TX-FUELBOT™, a unique and innovative Big Data & Analytics-based predictive fuel management tool which has been specifically designed to minimize a commercial vehicle fleet’s fuel cost. Designed for use by fleets of all sizes, TX-FUELBOT helps to tackle one of the most significant cost-drivers for fleets – their fuel bills.

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ZF Unveils Advanced Predictive Fuel Management Solution TX-FUELBOT for Commercial Vehicle Fleets

The solution will be launched as part of ZF’s recently acquired WABCO Fleet Management Systems range under the Transics brand, but will also be offered as a fully integratable solution for third party software in the near future.

Developed to take fleet fuel efficiency to the next level, TX-FUELBOT captures information from truck telematics, planning and routing systems and fuel prices across the European fuel networks. The solution, already available through its Transics-branded Fleet Management Systems (FMS) range, aims to help reduce an estimated 21% of a fleet’s total annual expenditure that goes exclusively to fuel.

Leveraging data intelligence and predictive analytics, TX-FUELBOT automatically computes the cheapest next refueling stop for the truck driver based on cost-efficiency, taking into account the shortest detours, remaining driving time and the fuel still available in the tank. The recommendations are sent directly to the driver in real time and are made available to the back-office users via an interactive dashboard.

Requiring no additional hardware investment, TX-FUELBOT is designed to be tailored to the needs of every individual fleet. It features advanced customization opportunities such as preferences on fuel brands, fuel cards, fuel stations and even custom fuel prices and discounts.

TX-FUELBOT is the company’s latest contribution towards smart transport energy management. It follows the recent introduction of TX-ECO™, a solution which evaluates and stimulates a driver’s eco-performance and TX- FUELCOMPASS™, providing fleets with a complete view of their fuel usage.

ZF will leverage its extensive distributor and service network to support TX-FUELBOT’s launch throughout Europe, the Middle East and Turkey from September 28th, 2020.

“We are proud to launch our unique TX-FUELBOT solution which is the first, widely available fuel management service that automates decisions on optimal fueling, thereby helping to achieve unprecedented levels of savings on one of the most significant cost drains for fleets,” said Peter Bal, Business Leader Digital Customer Solutions EMEA with ZF Commercial Vehicle Control Systems.

“Further demonstrating ZF’s drive to help fleets achieve ever greater levels of operational efficiency, TX-FUELBOT is the company’s latest innovation, delivering a unique blend of industry-leading technology and leveraging the power of big data and machine learning to help fleets achieve smarter fuel stops. With the introduction of this new technology, we are helping our customers further optimize their total cost of ownership in the highly competitive transportation market. It is our latest contribution to enabling our partners in the transport industry achieve leaner, greener and safer operations across the transport ecosystem.”

TX-FUELBOT is a next step towards ZF’s envisioned future of automated energy management with optimum operational savings and zero carbon emissions by mobilizing the potential of information intelligence.


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