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ZF Launches WABCO MAXXUS L2.0 Single-Piston Air Disc Brakes, Now Available on Navistar International ® On-Highway Vehicles

  • ZF’s new Commercial Vehicle Control Systems Division releases the latest generation of WABCO MAXXUS™ Single-Piston Air Disc Brakes, available as optional equipment for International® LT and RH Series
  • At 66.9 pounds, MAXXUS L2.0 is the lightest tractor air disc brake in the North American market
  • Optimized design features fewer parts engineered for higher reliability and faster serviceability as well as a new continuous adjuster mechanism and advanced taper wear mitigation system

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ZF Launches WABCO MAXXUS L2.0 Single-Piston Air Disc Brakes, Now Available on Navistar International ® On-Highway Vehicles

Auburn Hills, Michigan (USA). ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Control Systems Division today announced that Navistar has selected WABCO® MAXXUS™ L2.0 air disc brakes – the North American market’s lightest high-performance air disc brake – as available equipment for International® LT® and RH™ series. ZF is the trusted air disc brake supplier to commercial truck and trailer OEMs and fleets worldwide and the recognized innovator of single-piston air disc brake technology, with more than 7 million units sold.

Manufactured in Charleston, S.C. and developed with more than 20 years of experience in single-piston air disc brake technology, the new WABCO MAXXUS air disc brake range is proven through more than 6.5 million miles of road testing. In addition to exceptional, road-proven performance and reliability, MAXXUS L2.0 brakes are the lightest tractor air disc brakes available for commercial vehicles in North America, weighing just 66.9 pounds. An International LT or RH Series equipped with optional WABCO MAXXUS L2.0 brakes will be approximately 80 pounds lighter weight than the standard air disc brake.

“ZF, like Navistar, is intensely focused on offering reliable and innovative technologies that help increase vehicle safety, performance, customer uptime and ROI,” said Julien Plenchette, Sales Business Leader- Commercial Vehicle Control Systems Division. “Market-leading drag torque control combined with a lightweight brake design help fleets save money on fuel while increasing load capacity. With up to 43 fewer parts than competing double-piston air disc brake designs, and next-generation features that provide faster serviceability, MAXXUS L2.0 will help support vehicle uptime for customers.”

ZF engineers have developed an advanced adjuster mechanism that is designed to continuously and precisely maintain optimal running clearance between the brake pads and rotor even under extreme conditions, thereby minimizing the risk of hot runners. In addition, MAXXUS L2.0 air disc brakes feature the company’s most advanced taper wear mitigation system, with an offset integrated pressure plate and larger piston that is designed to provide more consistent, precise pressure across the full pad face, ensuring more even pad wear.

The release of MAXXUS L2.0 comes during Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Brake Safety Week, which is scheduled through August 29, 2020. Air disc brakes, known for their safe stopping distances and consistent braking performance, even in extreme conditions, represent a strong choice for fleets aiming to maximize safety and efficiency.


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