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Even more durable: Sachs commercial vehicle shock absorbers with plastic dust cover now available

  • Lower component weight contributes to the reduction of the total vehicle weight
  • Less corrosion than conventional dampers
  • ZF Aftermarket sells plastic-coated shock absorbers for the majority of commercial vehicles

With Sachs shock absorbers, commercial vehicles run reliably and economically. Like all Sachs spare parts, they stand for brand quality from Germany and are particularly durable. ZF Aftermarket is now increasing the service life of the dampers even further by offering Sachs commercial vehicle shock absorbers with plastic protective tubes for the aftermarket in addition to original equipment.

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Even more durable: Sachs commercial vehicle shock absorbers with plastic dust cover now available

Transport safety is a top priority for commercial vehicle operators, especially with sensitive loads. As a safety-relevant spare part, the shock absorber together with the spring forms the connecting link between the wheel suspension and the chassis. It reduces the vibrations of the chassis spring, slows it down and ensures optimum road contact. Sachs commercial vehicle shock absorbers provide optimum driving comfort and effectively relieve the vehicle and driver, while offering maximum transport safety.

ZF Aftermarket now offers commercial vehicle shock absorbers with a plastic covering for the independent aftermarket. The design with plastic protective tubes has the following advantages over the previous design with metal protective tubes:

  • Plastic is much more resistant to corrosive influences such as moisture and road salt.
  • The use of plastic instead of metal in the cover also reduces the weight of each shock absorber, which ultimately contributes to the important task of weight reduction.

The mounting of the shock absorbers with plastic dust covers is carried out in the same way as for the well-known shock absorbers with metal cover. Therefore the correct arrangement of the parts for the shock absorber mounting (pin joints/shock absorber bearings) must be observed. Furthermore, shock absorber mountings, steering and rubber-to-metal parts should be checked at every inspection. It is advisable to lightly grease the fastening bolts of ring joints. Rubber-to-metal parts should, however, be protected against grease. What should be avoided completely when installing a shock absorber with a plastic dust cover is the counter-holding on the protective tube itself, which is not necessary for correct professional installation.

Shock absorbers for commercial vehicles should generally be checked and replaced if necessary after 250,000 km at the latest. It is recommended that the surrounding components also undergo a professional inspection. In this way any defective components in the vicinity of the shock absorbers can be detected in good time and expensive downtimes avoided.

Wide range of Sachs dampers in OEM quality

If it is necessary to replace the damper, the experts at ZF Aftermarket recommend using a Sachs damper in OEM quality. ZF Aftermarket products are always made of high-quality materials and reflect the latest state of the art. The range of dampers offered by ZF Aftermarket under its Sachs brand includes classic dampers as well as CDC dampers, which adjust the damping hardness in real time to the respective driving situation. Also available are cab dampers with standard or air springs as well as CALM (Cabin Air Leveling Module) and axle dampers for trailers. Another highlight in the ZF Aftermarket portfolio are the Sachs air spring damper modules, which as a compact unit represent an alternative to the usual installation of dampers and air springs side by side.


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