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ZF is Efficiency – Higher Performance and Less Fuel Consumption

  • ZF cPOWER – a leap in CVT technology
  • ECOMIX II – best in class efficiency

Despite the development of emission-free off-highway machinery, diesel vehicles will continue to dominate the global market for a long time to come. To meet the demands of tomorrow's construction sites, modern working machines must reduce fuel consumption and minimize emissions, while also remaining efficient, convenient, productive, and easy to use. ZF accepts this challenge.

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ZF is Efficiency – Higher Performance and Less Fuel Consumption

ZF cPower – a leap in CVT technology

To meet the increasing demand for reductions in fuel consumption and higher productivity in light of sustainability, ZF equips construction machinery with fully power-split CVT technology. The entire driving range, forwards and backwards, uses cPOWER stepless control (fig. 3). Regardless of driving speed, lower engine speeds provide greater efficiency and optimum comfort. The result is fuel savings of up to 25% compared to standard ERGOPOWER drives.

These continuously variable transmissions clearly demonstrate their benefits in all ranges of the typical Off-Highway machinery operating cycle, i.e. during bucket-filling, transporting or loading.

In this process, the percentage of hydrostatic power is kept low whereby; an optimal degree of efficiency can be achieved.

Even in very short loading cycles, the utility of the CVT technology becomes noticeable in reduced fuel consumption.

The combination of a hydraulic transmission-control unit and transmission-integrated on-board electronic unit manages all driving functions and realizes an aligned power management.

Therefore, cPOWER is the perfect match for Grader applications, providing constant engine speed between 1,400 and 1,800 rpm combined with a smooth continuously variable drive meaning:

  • Driver can concentrate on grading not on the gas pedal
  • No risk of stalling the engine
  • No manual gear shifting

If cPOWER is combined with the ZF EFFICIENCY PACKAGE, the fuel savings increase by a further 5% (fig. 4 and 5).

The newly developed EFFICIENCY PACKAGE with cPOWER CVT technology has succeeded in reducing emissions and fuel consumption while increasing efficiency and productivity, all without compromising on comfort. The flexibility of the system enables ZF to tailor its solutions to customer needs and market demand.

ECOMIX II – best in class efficiency

For more than 40 years ZF has been the market leader in mixer drives, by providing long-proven performance and reliability of our ZF ECOMIX gearbox for numerous mixer truck applications worldwide.

For this reason, ZF knows very well that economically-optimized, low-maintenance operation of mixer truck fleets is critical, especially when under the highest stresses. At the same time, any reduction in weight means a higher payload and lower fuel costs. Higher output force and drum capacity means increased overall efficiency.

Compared to its predecessor, the ECOMIX II CML (Concrete Mixer Lowspeed) generation delivers advanced technology with its integrated hydrostatic motor, best in class efficiency and reduced weight for more payload and reduced TCO (fig. 6). The second generation of ECOMIX can be applied in concrete mixer trucks up to 21yd³ (16 m³) mixing capacity with an output torque of up to 66,400 lb. ft (90,000 Nm).

The ECOMIX II CML transmission series in comparison to previous models are approx. 25 % lighter and 40 % shorter. However, the special design of the ECOMIX II also offers a wide range of additional advantages:

  • Elastomer base for shock absorbance and noise reduction
  • Cassette seals provide much tougher sealing solution
  • Heavy-duty cover introduced in 2015
  • EFFICIENT: Up to 0,13 gallon/h (0.5l/h) fuel savings for end user
  • TOUGH: Increased lifetime, improved robustness
  • SILENT: Up to 10db noise reduction


Alexander Eisner

Head of Product Communication Off-Highway Systems

+49 851 494-2175

Martin Meissner

Marketing and Communications, Industrial Division, NA

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