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TRW Sinter Road & Track (SRT) Brake Pads with General Certification (ABE)

  • The next generation of premium brake pads
  • Precise sensitivity, stable pressure points, extremely resistant to thermal loads
  • Maximum safety due to NRS™ technology

Sinter Road & Track (SRT) premium brake pads by TRW are superior to conventional brake pads in several aspects. Even under the most challenging conditions, they ensure safe and precise braking. Compared to conventional sintered metal pads, they also exhibit considerably longer durability and more precise sensitivity under high loads.

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TRW Sinter Road & Track (SRT) Brake Pads with General Certification (ABE)

TRW Sinter Road & Track (SRT) brake pads convince even very ambitious motorcyclists with their stable pressure point, consistent and fade-free braking power even under high thermal loads, low manual force and perfect sensitivity.

These premium pads of course have General Certification (ABE) and can be combined with the original brake discs as well as with all TRW discs. For fast touring and heavy custom vehicles, the low-noise brake pads are just as much the first choice as they are for amateur laps on the race track.

Even under the most extreme thermal loads, such as those that occur when driving downhill or sporty driving, loss of friction material is excluded thanks to patented NRS™ technology. The Sinter Road & Track (SRT) brake pad's back plates are equipped with a special hook profile that permanently embeds itself into the friction material. State-of-the-art manufacturing methods are used in the production of Sinter Road & Track (SRT) premium brake pads. In a direct hot pressing process, the sintered metal pad mixture is applied to the back plate by means of a conductive sintering process. The result is an excellent and standardised pad structure. This ensures that the pads maintain a constant coefficient of friction until the defined remaining pad thickness has been reached.

Maximum safety, durability and precise performance, even under the most extreme conditions – to ensure that these requirements are optimally fulfilled, the Sinter Road & Track (SRT) brake pads by TRW contain every ounce of the brake experts' know-how.

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