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TRW: Brake Disc Bolts for Over 1,600 Motorcycle Models

  • Bolt sets in line with the original specifications
  • Some versions feature threadlockers
  • For over 1,600 different models from 15 motorcycle manufacturers

When replacing brake disc bolts, top quality is always the most important factor. Under their TRW brand, ZF Aftermarket offers brake disc bolts for more than 1,600 models from 15 motorcycle manufacturers. They comply with the original specifications; some versions also feature screw locking. The bolts are supplied in sets in the quantity required for each individual brake disc.

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TRW: Brake Disc Bolts for Over 1,600 Motorcycle Models

Brake disc bolts play a huge role in ensuring a vehicle's safety.
Many motorcycle manufacturers recommend that new bolts are also fitted whenever a brake disc is replaced, and with good reason. Not only have the old bolts often become unsightly but, worse than that, they are also usually corroded or damaged.

TRW bolts for brake discs comply with the original manufacturers' specifications. The mounting bolts are produced to fit each individual vehicle, with some versions also featuring screw locking. They are supplied in sets containing the correct quantity for each individual brake disc.

These tiny spare parts that are absolutely crucial are listed in the big TRW catalog, classified by brake disc type for each of the different motorcycle models. You can therefore find the right bolt set for your needs quickly and without any confusion

The bolts should always be tightened crosswise. Use a torque wrench here. Please ensure that you observe the tightening torques stipulated by the manufacturer.

All TRW braking components are designed and manufactured as crucial elements for the entire braking system. The huge TRW range includes brake pads, brake discs, brake disc bolts, steel-braided brake pipes and foot brake cylinders suited for all types of motorcycles and a wide variety of operating conditions. – Find more information at .


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