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TRW Jack-up Kits – For Improved Handling and a More Dynamic Look

  • Increased ground clearance and significantly sportier driving properties
  • More agile handling and more fun during cornering
  • Gives the whole motorcycle a more dynamic look

Does your dream motorcycle's rear dip when accelerating and does its overall stability leave much to be desired? These are typical cases in which motorcycle owners consider lowering the rear. In most of these cases, however, the real solution to the problem would be TRW's jack-up kit! It is a perfect and easy solution to adapt the handling of your motorcycle to your individual needs.

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TRW Jack-up Kits – For Improved Handling and a More Dynamic Look

TRW jack-up kits raise the motorcycle's rear, which changes the swingarm's angle of attack, shortens the wheelbase and thus adapts the motorcycle to the driver's individual needs. Depending on the model, you can use a TRW jack-up kit to raise your motorcycle's rear by between 25 and 45 mm. This increases the seat height and achieves greater ground clearance. TRW jack-up kits ensure more agile handling during cornering. They also give the motorcycle a more dynamic look without great effort.

All TRW jack-up kits are made in Germany. They are laser-cut from high-quality stainless steel or CNC-milled from aluminum. These extremely robust kits provide the utmost safety and have General Certification (ABE).

Installation instructions: Jack-up kits that require the spring to be compressed or parts of the shock absorber to be disassembled should be installed by a specialist workshop. – For further information please visit .


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