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TRW Clutch Components and Clutch Kits for Ideal Power Transmission, Maximum Performance and Increased Safety

  • Clutch components for almost all motorcycle models
  • Made from extremely robust materials
  • Excellent performance and long service life

The motorcycle clutch is indispensable when it comes to transmitting power between the engine and the driveline. However, the higher the stress on the clutch, the faster it will wear out. But only a fully functional clutch can transmit full power to the back wheel. And in some situations, this precise factor can be essential for safety.

The more we demand from a clutch, the earlier it will need replacing. Here, TRW clutch components ensure ideal power transmission, maximum performance and utmost safety. They can even help to restore older motorcycles to their former glory. TRW's extensive portfolio comprises friction plates, steel clutch plates and clutch springs as well as complete clutch kits for almost all motorcycle models.

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TRW Clutch Components and Clutch Kits for Ideal Power Transmission, Maximum Performance and Increased Safety

Motorcycle clutches are wear parts. Improper vehicle handling, such as setting off with high speeds and a half-opened clutch lever at traffic lights, accelerate wear on the clutch. If power is transferred to the back wheel only with a delay, if engaging gears becomes difficult or if the motorcycle tends to set off from standstill even with the clutch pulled in, it is high time to inspect the clutch and its components closely.

TRW friction plates – from universal to specialized

It is often the friction disks that show the most wear. When they need to be replaced, TRW's extensive program offers friction disks for touring and sport motorcycles, custom and off-road bikes, racing use, quads and ATVs. Thanks to their diverse range of friction materials, TRW friction plates are suitable for almost all motorcycle models and operating conditions. They convince users with their exceptional performance and long service life. Even under the most extreme conditions, they guarantee safe and reliable power transmission. Special, technically optimized friction plate sets are available for BMW, Ducati and Harley-Davidson models. For many vehicles, we also offer special friction materials for use in racing.

It pays to install TRW steel clutch plates

When replacing the friction plate set, neglecting to also replace the clutch plates will often make it impossible to achieve your desired result of an optimally functioning clutch. Thus, whenever you replace the friction plates, make sure to inspect the state and color of the old clutch plates as well. If they are discolored and/or warped, they must be replaced without fail with new steel clutch plates.

TRW's clutch portfolio comprises complete sets of steel clutch plates for almost all motorcycle models. Manufactured precisely from high-quality steel, they are an indispensable supplement to the TRW friction plates.

Small yet powerful: TRW clutch springs

As clutch springs are permanently pre-loaded, their clamp load will decrease over time. Even if they still have sufficient free length, thermal influences will cause the material's spring rate to decrease and the springs will become softer over time. Therefore, the springs should always be replaced along with the friction plates.

TRW clutch springs are delivered as complete sets. They are reinforced, generate an approx. 10% higher downforce than the original parts and retain their clamp load for a longer period of time. This in turn improves the clutch's function and effectively protects against clutch slip.

TRW Clutch Superkits – all you need in one complete set

If the entire clutch needs replacing, TRW Clutch Superkits make clutch replacement easier than ever before. These complete sets contain friction disks, steel clutch plates, clutch springs and, if required, the appropriate clutch cover gasket. With a Superkit, you no longer need to search for and buy your clutch components individually. TRW Clutch Superkits are available for many current motorcycle models, and we are continuously expanding the portfolio with new ones. – For further information please visit .


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