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Service of the future: ZF Aftermarket is working today on the services of tomorrow

  • Efficient fleet management with the help of the ZF telematics platform Openmatics
  • Location-independent service support through smart documentation and remote video assistance
  • Long time diagnostics and condition monitoring shorten downtime

At Agritechnica 2019, ZF Aftermarket presents its Off-Highway Service range for the future and shows how increasing digitalization of off-highway equipment opens up numerous possibilities for even better service. ZF Aftermarket already supports customers beyond the classic workshop and spare parts business with services that make intelligent use of technological progress.

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Service of the future: ZF Aftermarket is working today on the services of tomorrow

ZF Aftermarket already works on services which link established tools with new digital developments. In line with this, the businesses future service will be more comprehensive, yet less dependent on place or time. With cloud-based, networked solutions, the right ZF experts who have the know-how needed in the specific case can be found and engaged anywhere in the world for fast problem-solving. All this is based on an increasing volume of data supplied by the vehicles themselves. This wealth of data enables users, manufacturers and service providers alike to operate more strategically; for example, when planning services, or automating processes such as in fleet management.

Optimum fleet management through Openmatics

Optimizing business overview and process control is especially important for larger farms with high numbers of machines. For this purpose, ZF has networked its in-house telematics platform Openmatics with the cloud. The telematics hardware offered in this context is non-proprietary and upgradable. This allows the optimum management, monitoring, use and assignment of machine fleets. As an example, machinery contractors can easily and simply generate records of assignments and billing documents.

Fast, digital and location-independent help

ZF Aftermarket is also working on a smart solution for documentation: The Tech Docu 4.0 portal provides all relevant technical information required for a service case in structured digital form – anytime, anywhere. Tech Docu 4.0 offers user-specific access, a fast free text search, intuitive search filters, and continuously updated contents in a clear and concise way.

If a service technician on site needs individual support, ZF Aftermarket already offers remote support via video. Using video telephony, experts can engage with service engineers; supporting them in solving technical problems – in real time and without the need for expensive and time-consuming business trips. The use of a camera and Skype connection ensures effective support almost anywhere in the world, at any time.

Smart long-time diagnostics and condition monitoring

At Agritechnica 2019, ZF Aftermarket also presents a digital solution for identifying the reasons for faults or errors which occur sporadically and cannot be reproduced in the workshop: A data logger monitors the vehicle over a longer period of time in its day-to-day use. It records relevant data for subsequent evaluation and root cause analysis. This avoids unnecessary downtimes and lengthy inspections at the workshop.

With intelligent analysis tools such as Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance, fleet operators in the cloud can also monitor the condition of important individual components such as transmission oil or clutch discs. As a result, maintenance can be planned predictively, vehicle downtime can be reduced and failures avoided. This cuts costs and extends the useful life of the powertrain components. Condition monitoring can also be used to optimize driving behavior in order to minimize wear and tear and consumption.

Unique offer

ZF Aftermarket combines these smart services with the ZF product portfolio to create a unique offering. From prompt genuine parts supplies via technical service, through to consultancy and training. Quickly, directly, reliably.


Fabiola Wagner

Head of Aftermarket Communications

+49 9721 4756-110

Patric Roos

ZF Aftermarket External Communications International

+49 9721 4756-516