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NivoCab: Ensuring Cabins Are Always at the Right Height

  • Safe and easy vehicle handling thanks to constant cabin height in any load condition
  • Autonomous system, no external energy input required

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NivoCab: Ensuring Cabins Are Always at the Right Height

Changing load conditions in the driver's cabin present huge challenges for the cabin suspension and the driver. The change in weight in the driver's cabin causes the vibration behavior to change, which in turn influences the driving experience when mechanical cabin suspensions are involved. Restricted suspension travel afflicts the level of comfort. It can also lead to an earlier contact with the cabin end stops in certain driving situations. NivoCab, ZF's fully-automated, hydro-pneumatic level regulation system, counters the negative effects caused by varying loads. NivoCab provides a unique combination of leveling function, suspension and load-dependent damping. NivoCab replaces conventional spring carriers and is installed in the cabin suspension, which in turn allows retrofitting. Even on short distances, this compact device pumps the driver's cabin to the ideal height, fully automatically and without the aid of electronics. Instead, NivoCab draws the required energy from the relative motion between the chassis and the driver's cabin. This maintenance-free system adjusts the driver's cabin to the ideal level for every load condition and thus ensures a safe and comfortable driving experience.


Carsten Dietzel

Product Communication / Trade Press C.V. Chassis Technology