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eCALM. Brings Comfort Gains and Energy Savings in Cabin Suspension and Damping Systems

  • Electronically controlled, pneumatic cabin suspension for driver's cab applications
  • Considerably reduced air/energy consumption supports downsized compressor and accumulator
  • Continuously adjustable damping (optional)
  • Leveling / lowering / raising the cabin for slope compensation, service position and transport
  • Height leveling less susceptible to external influences such as dirt and damage
  • Cabin position data supplied to third-party systems such as GPS or camera for autonomous driving

CALM’s outstanding features have been streamlined with its enhanced version eCALM. Its intelligent control unit once again considerably reduces energy consumption.

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eCALM. Brings Comfort Gains and Energy Savings in Cabin Suspension and Damping Systems

Comfortable working conditions in the driver's cab are becoming increasingly important for the success of agricultural vehicles. To increase driving comfort under the respective driving conditions, the well-known airspring damper module CALM (Cabin Air Leveling Module) with integrated height leveling is already providing outstanding services. It offers all the benefits of a hydraulic shock absorber with coaxially arranged air springs, including integrated load-sensitive height leveling for the drivers' cab. Integrating the three functions load-bearing/suspension, damping and control into one module has reduced installation space requirements in the vehicle.

eCALM: electronically controlled height leveling

The ongoing further development of the successful CALM module has led to the electronically controlled eCALM. The pneumatic cabin suspension for driver's cab applications has considerably reduced energy consumption in the vehicle due to the new electronic control unit. This means that the entire air system (compressor, accumulator, drier) can be designed to be smaller and lighter in weight. There is the option of also having the compressor operated electrically by integrating it into the eCALM system which means it actuates based on need. In vehicles without a centralized compressed air system, eCALM and its integrated compressor can generate air suspension in the driver's cab.

Also, with eCALM, additional new features such as leveling, lowering and raising the cabin to different levels are can be offered. Ergonomic driving with slope compensation offers additional benefits such as access to difficult-to-reach components in the service position.

Working together with its customers, ZF has raised the bar when it comes to effectively controlling cabin movements. eCALM combined with ZF’s semi-active CDC damper system provides the ideal basis for maximum drive comfort for the mobile workplace.


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