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ZF Marine announces partnership with Yacht Controller

  • ZF appoints Yacht Controller for sales of marine control systems.
  • ZF SmartCommand controls and Yacht Controller wireless remote-control integrated package to be branded “Imperium.”

Miramar, FL: ZF Marine enters a partnership in marine system controls with Yacht Controller. ZF Marine’s SmartCommand control system will now be available packaged with Yacht Controller’s wireless remote-control system. The package will be available through Yacht Controller branded as the “Imperium” Control System.

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ZF Marine announces partnership with Yacht Controller

ZF, a world leader in marine propulsion technology, announced the appointment of Yacht Controller as an authorized retailer of ZF Marine control systems. ZF SmartCommand, the company’s most advanced electronic propulsion control system, will be packaged with Yacht Controller’s wireless remote-control product. Together the package will be available as the Imperium control system to shipyards, boat builders, operators, and owners, through Yacht Controller’s distribution network. The integration of two well-established products will deliver the highest level of vessel manoeuvrability to the marketplace.

“Imperium – Latin for total command, is the perfect description for this new control system package,” said Gerald Berton, President of Yacht Controller LLC. “We’re pleased to have earned this partnership with ZF, who is well known as a pioneer and leader in marine propulsion technology worldwide. This alliance provides the opportunity for Yacht Controller to combine technologies with ZF to better serve all aspects of the marine market, pleasure, commercial, or government,” Berton continued.

“Working together with Yacht Controller and their integration with ZF controls will provide our customers the opportunity to take the user experience of precise vessel control to the next level,” said Keith Stanley, ZF Marine Pleasure Craft Product Line Manager North & Central America. “Our products incorporate ZF’s well-proven hardware and software to ensure reliability, ease of operation and low maintenance, and Yacht Controller systems integrate very well with our product portfolio. The wide range of our systems means core equipment can be optimally chosen to specifically match the type of vessel and propulsion configuration – single engine, multi-engine or multi-station. The Yacht Controller system can be coupled seamlessly to the ZF control system for ease of docking and maneuvering. In particular, our SmartCommand System, as part of Yacht Controller’s Imperiuim package, will be the premier vessel control system in the market.”


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