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ZF Marine highlights ZF Repropulsion at the 2019 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

  • ZF Marine asks boat owners to “Rethink your Repower” to help understand the repower process more completely
  • Repower projects involve evaluation and replacement decisions around the complete vessel propulsion system
  • Expert Steve D’Antonio to present seminars at the ZF Booth for boat owners to learn and ask questions about repower projects

Fort Lauderdale. ZF Marine will present ZF Repropulsion at the 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. A world leader in marine propulsion technology, ZF supplies transmissions, propellers and control systems for all types of pleasure craft applications. The company will help boat owners gain better insight into the topic of repowering by hosting seminars on the booth during the show, presented by subject matter expert Steve D’Antonio.

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ZF Marine highlights ZF Repropulsion at the 2019 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Repower – quite possibly the biggest single decision, and cost, of vessel ownership. Embarking on a repower project can be a daunting task with the potential for a cascade of decisions and scope creep. ZF Marine, a world leader in marine propulsion technology, has been involved in supplying components and systems for repower projects in all manner of pleasure craft applications. The company recognizes that repower is more than just replacing a vessel’s engine and aims to give boat owners better insight into the various aspects of embarking on such a major project.

For decades, ZF Marine has been providing transmissions, control systems, and propellers to boat builders around the globe. These same hulls, while capable of providing many more years of safe operation, may be starting to see components of the propulsion system coming to the end of their useful service life. Current engine technology has the potential to offer improvements in power and efficiency, which can lower operating cost and increase reliability.

These make good arguments for embarking on a repower project, but the engine is only one component of many in the engine room. Transmissions, controls, shafting, propellers, electrical and fuel systems, cooling systems, exhaust and fresh air systems, also require evaluation and consideration, so the project is more than just a repower, it’s a repropulsion.

The company recently launched, a website dedicated to helping owners understand the many facets of a repower project. The site offers a significant amount of information relating to repowers including a Q&A to help owners decide if a repropulsion project is right for their vessel.

To help owners who are considering a repropulsion project, ZF Marine is offering the seminar, “Everything you wanted to know about a repower but were afraid to ask” at their booth (Bahia Mar, Yellow Zone Booth 1042). The seminar will be offered four times during the show, Friday Nov 1st at 11 AM and 2PM, and again on Saturday November 2nd at the same times. Online pre-reregistration is encouraged, at

The seminar is being presented by Mr. Steve D’Antonio, author and president of Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting. Steve has been employed in the marine industry since 1988, beginning as a mechanic and electrician and, in 1994 going on to manage boat yards and custom boat building shops in North Carolina and Virginia. In 2007 Steve launched Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting, offering marine systems consulting, management and technical training, and pre-purchase services to boat owners, builders, and others within the marine industry.


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