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ZF Overview Press Footage 2021

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Topics and Timecodes

0´14 ZF EVnext – BEV concept vehicle as a system: For example, the efficient drive and recuperative braking work particularly well together with an intelligent predictive cruise control system (ACCnext).

1´10 ZF EVplus – ZF PHEV concept vehicle offers more than 100 km of purely electric range. In 80 to 90 percent of all cases, this covers the entire mileage for a day.

2´30 ZF eConnect – a flexible solution for vehicles with two driven axles: The installation space-neutral system leaves the second axle uncoupled to save energy as long as it is not needed.

3´57 Micromobility – Concept vehicle cargo bike “Lastkraftflitzer” (LKF) and Sachs RS E-drive for mountain bikes and cargo bikes electrify urban and personal mobility.

7´45 Shuttle – ZF sees autonomous driving after Level 4 or 5 established in the commercial vehicle segment initially, and urban passenger transport.

14´48 ZF ProAI – currently the most flexible and powerful high-performance computer for the automotive industry. With up to 66 percent more computing power, the ZF ProAI requires up to 70 percent less power than its predecessor.

16´16 ZF cubiX - a software component gathers sensor information from the entire vehicle and prepares it for an optimised control of active systems in the chassis, steering, brakes and propulsion.

17´17 Child Presence Detection – a connected solution protecting unattended small children from harm in closed vehicles.

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