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The ZF Corporate Communications team is happy to provide additional information to both business and specialized journalists.

ZF Friedrichshafen AG
ZF Forum
Löwentaler Straße 20
88046 Friedrichshafen

Corporate Communications

Christoph Horn

Senior Vice President
Global Corporate and Marketing Communications

+49 7541 77-2705

Corporate News Relations and Technology Communications

Andreas Veil

Head of External Communications
Corporate News Relations and Finance Communications

+49 7541 77-7925

Dr. Jochen Mayer

Corporate News Relations, Finance and Labor Relations Communications

+49 7541 77-7028

Florian Laudan

Head of Communications Commercial Vehicle Solutions Division

+49 151 20000276

Torsten Fiddelke

Manufacturing, Materials Management and Smart Factory Communications

+49 7541 77-7924

Frank Discher

Commercial Vehicle Technology and Fleet Management Solutions

+49 7541 77-960770

Mirko Gutemann

Automotive Software and Safety Systems Communications

+49 7541 77-960136


Automated Driving, New Mobility Solutions, Vehicle Motion Control and Active Safety Systems Communications

Gernot Hein

Industrial Technology and Marine Communications

+49 851 494-2480

Moritz Nöding

Motorsports Communications

+49 9721 98-2141

Janine Vogler

Wolfgang Miller

Reporting and Sustainability Communications

+49 7541 77-3047

Aftermarket Communications

Fabiola Wagner

Head of
Aftermarket Communications

+49 9721 475-6110

Jessica Seufert

External Communications D-A-CH
Communications Global Aftermarket

+49 9721 4756-728

Patric Roos

External Communications International
Communications Global Aftermarket

+49 9721 4756-516

Germany Media Contacts

Andreas Veil

Friedrichshafen, Gelsenkirchen

+49 7541 77-7925

Karin Markenstein

Fabiola Wagner

Florian Tausch

Lemförde, Ahrweiler, Eitorf

+49 5474 60-2190

Mirko Gutemann

Alfdorf, Aschaffenburg, Aschau, Laage

+49 7541 77-960136

Dr. Jochen Mayer

Global Media Contacts

Rashmi Parkhi

Marta Surowiec

Anthony Sapienza

Ashley Van Horn

John Wilkerson

Fernanda Giacon

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